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The 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference

Reflections | Projections

11-13 October 1996, Urbana, IL U.S.A.

Pictures from Conference '96

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Welcome to the 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference Information Center


The University of Illinois Student Chapter of the ACM is proud to announce the Second Annual Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference. Last year's conference was a resounding success, and we are eager to invite everyone back for more. The official theme for this year's conference is again "Reflections | Projections". Like last year, ACM@UIUC hopes to attract both speakers and attendees that are interested in the insight of past, present and future visionaries in computer technology. The conference is open to everyone willing to register. No ACM or industry affiliation required, simply an interest in computers and technology.


This year's Keynote speakers will be:

Due to circumstances outside ACM@UIUC's control, Jean-Louis Gassee and Marty Tennenbaum are unable to speak at the conference. We apologize for any inconvienence.

Speaker & Event List and Preliminary Schedule

In addition to interesting speakers, ACM@UIUC will also host a technologies related Employment Fair open to conference attendees on Friday October 11, 1996. The logos and names you see on these pages are only some of companies that will be at the fair recruiting, the full list will be available at a later date. Conference attendees will also be able to submit a one page resume to be added to the 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference Resume Book. The resume book will be distributed to all sponsors of the conference and to other interested companies.

Programming Contest

Check out MechMania II, the object-oriented AI programming contest where you write code to control armies of mechanized warriors to take over the galaxy!

It is ACM@UIUC's strong belief that conferences can not be all work and no play. On our part, ACM@UIUC will be providing attendees with a small guide to local hotspots and other social events throughout the weekend. And for those who measure pleasure by the number of lines of code, there will be a team based programming contest to test your programming saavy. Details of social events and the programming contest will be released as we finalize them.

If you have questions about Conference '96, or have suggestions for speakers, topics, or recommendations for better banquet food, feel free to mail the conference committee .


How to Get Here
Getting to UIUC
Finding the Digital Computer Lab (DCL) on Campus (the street south of DCL is Springfield Ave.
Calls for Participation
Corporate Invitation
Professional and Student Information
Hotel Accomodations
Online Registration Forms
Register Online!
Corporate Registration
Volunteer Registration
Postscript Fliers, Announcements, Propaganda, etc...
Companies to be at the Employment Fair
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Conference Memories

If you are curious what the Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference can do for you, feel free to peruse the Conference '95 pages. Or you can get a preview of some of the excitement of the conference by looking at pictures from previous conferences.

Last updated: 7/14/96