Conference Schedule


LocationEventSpeakerStart Time
Center Atrium Siebel Center Reflections | Projections Job Fair 10:00 AM
2405 Siebel Center The Future of Programming Stephen Wolfram 4:00 PM
1404 Siebel Center Why Paris Hilton is Famous and Barack Obama is President Matt Cheney Vilas Dhar 5:00 PM
Center Atrium Siebel Center Dinner from Noodles & Co. sponsored by Palantir 6:15 PM
1404 Siebel Center Academic Stimulus Package Jorge Cham 7:45 PM
1404 Siebel Center MechMania Opening Ceremony 9:00 PM


LocationEventSpeakerStart Time
0220 Siebel Center MechMania Competition 9:00 AM
2405 Siebel Center Mobius Bagel Workshop George W Hart 9:00 AM
1320 DCL ACM of Yore Keith Garner 10:00 AM
1404 Siebel Center Geometric Sculpture George W Hart 10:00 AM
1320 DCL I Want my LOLCat Videos Faster Greg Schechter 11:15 AM
1404 Siebel Center Working in Feature Film VFX Thaddeus Beier 11:15 AM
Center Atrium Siebel Center Lunch from Penn Station 12:30 PM
1404 Siebel Center Palantir’s Project Horizon: Interactive Analysis with Big Data John Garrod 1:30 PM
1320 DCL Teaching Programming through Engineering and LEGO Robotics Ethan Danahy 1:30 PM
1320 DCL Space Exploration and Development Doug Mallette 2:45 PM
1404 Siebel Center Why is Network Security Hard? Nasko Oskov 2:45 PM
1320 DCL Machines and Markets - An Overview of Automated Trading and Some Recent Developments Andrew Brook 4:00 PM
1404 Siebel Center Visualizing Social Opinion Ephrat Bitton 4:00 PM
Center Atrium Siebel Center Dinner from Papa Del's 5:30 PM
1320 DCL How To Become A Successful Internet Cartoonist In Three Easy Steps (Not) Jeph Jacques 6:30 PM
1404 Siebel Center Extending the Open Web, and Surviving Poisonous People Dan Peterson Brian Fitzpatrick 6:30 PM
1404 Siebel Center The Social Responsibility of Computer Science Aaron Swartz 7:45 PM
1320 DCL Why Successful Projects Require Failures Andy Grignon 7:45 PM


LocationEventSpeakerStart Time
1404 Siebel Center MechMania Closing Ceremony 1:00 PM
1404 Siebel Center Palm Student Application Showcase 3:00 PM

You can also check out the videos(Posted as they are available)